Your Team’s
Preventative Maintenance Program

Prevent unnecessary stress in your team with our preventative maintenance program. Think of it as an annual health plan for your team’s wellbeing. 

Within just four weeks, our comprehensive assessment will not only pinpoint your team’s stress risks but also provide you with a tailored action plan for the year. Plus we will get you started with personalised workshop directly addressing your most significant risks.

Check out the program below, or book a call to learn more.

The Preventative Maintenance Program in three steps

1. Assess your team’s stress risk.

No more surveys. We start with one-on-one interviews with your team members to understand the unique stressors affecting your team. Confidentiality is paramount, with all responses anonymised to encourage openness and comfort.


2. Provide you an annual action plan.

After the interviews, you’ll receive a detailed analysis outlining key stress factors and bespoke strategies to address them. This report serves as your roadmap to a healthier workplace, helping you make informed decisions.


3. And get you started.

Here’s where we get hands-on. We bring your entire team into an engaging workshop to confront the major stressors identified. This isn’t just about problem-solving; it’s an educational journey into the nuances of workplace stress, fostering a shared understanding and commitment to mental wellbeing.

The Business Case

The 2022 Deloitte Mental Health Report found that proactive intervention programs such as our Preventative Maintenance Program, yield €5 for every €1 invested. These savings come in the form of reduced total medical costs, increased productivity, lower absenteeism and decreased disability costs.

On the contrary, providing support only after a deterioration in team mental health provides the lowest ROI at €3.40 for every €1 invested.

Taking action will always save you money, but taking action now will save you the most.These results demonstrate the value of early intervention and prevention programs.