The Chronic Occupational Stress Assessment, or COSA for short, is a free self-assessment tool designed to determine you risk of burning out. 

COSA is twelve questions and takes about 5 minutes to complete.

We work with your business

At any one time between 5-15% of your employees are at increased risk of burning out.

Using COSA we’re able to connect with your employees directly, identify which ones are at risk, and provide the resources they need immediately and anonymously.

With COSA for Business you’ll receive a complete overview of your employee burnout risk profile, as well as tailored recommendations to start reducing burnout risk right away.


Want to know about…?

1. Burnout

Burnout is an occupational phenomenon, meaning it’s related to the impact your work has on your health, not other areas of your life.

 2. Dimensions

COSA tests across all three dimensions of burnout: Efficacy, Exhaustion, and Cynicism to align with the IDC-11 definition of burnout. 

3. Profiles

Each dimension result is combined to provide you an overall burnout risk profile. There are 10 profiles, each with targeted actions to reduce your risk.

4. Accessibility

To ensure this knowledge is accessible we offer our basic (free) report as standard, with the option of purchasing a detailed report ($8AUD*) to explore on your results further. 

*Contact us for business pricing.


Learn how COSA for business can prevent employee burnout at your organisation.

*Contact us for COSA for Business pricing.