We train teams to prevent work stress.
(and we train companies to not cause it)

We identify stress in your team before it causes burnout, and we fix it.

All of our training programs are evidence-based and data-driven, so you can quantify the impact we have on your team’s wellbeing.

Burnout is a completely preventable condition.
But it’s tough to do alone. Now you don’t have to.

Unsure Where to Begin?

Our Preventative Maintenance Program is your first step on your team wellbeing journey. In just four weeks we will assess your teams stress risk, write up your action plan, and get you started with a team workshop to target the big ticket items. 

Think of it as an annual health plan for your team’s wellbeing.

Teams with workload complaints?

Workload complaints are the largest cause of preventable absence. In fact, workers will take 4 sick days a year just because of workload stress. That’s why we invented The Workload Project.

This twelve week data-driven training will help your team rebalance their workload by improving their ability anticipate stress, and take specific action to prevent it.

Concerned about employee burnout?

The Chronic Occupational Stress Assessment, or COSA for short, is a tool we use to assess your organisation’s burnout risk profile.

Using COSA we connect with your employees directly, identify which ones are at risk, and provide them tailored resources immediately and anonymously. 

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