Reduce absenteeism in your Customer Service Team.

The largest cause of absenteeism in Customer Service Teams is workload stress. Thats why we invented The Workload Project.

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Customer Service Teams struggling with fatigue

We know Customer Service Teams are disproportionately affected by workload stress. It’s because they face a unique combination of job demands that is known to cause high rates of mental fatigue (TNO).

  • High workload
  • Low control
  • Low task variation

Because of this imbalance, every team member will take an average of 4 preventable sick days a year.

We’ve worked with teams like yours before, check out our interesting findings by downloading our case study.

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Here’s how it works

1. Enrol your team in The Workload Project.

2. Answer a few questions each day for 12 weeks.

3. We host 3 workshops where we train the team in personalised workload management techniques using their own data.

4. We evaluate the program and provide you any additional insights to improve your teams workload balance.


Here’s why it works

Predict and Prevent:
We’re able to anticipate chronic stress and absence using our specialised software and preemptively intervene to maintain optimal team performance and wellbeing.

Customised Actions:
Because not all stress is created equal, our program advises targeted actions for temporal, cognitive, emotional, and physical workload stress.

Dashboard Insights: 
Visualise the dynamics of your team’s workload and receive actionable advice to maintain a healthy workflow.

No ongoing implementation. We maintain high team engagement by keeping the program closed to 12 weeks.

What Do Customer Service Teams Say?


said they could better
categorise their workload between cognitive, temporal, and emotional.



of participants reported having a better understanding of their workload comfort levels.



of participants reported having a better understanding of their workload comfort levels.

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Work stress is completely preventable, but it’s tough to do alone. So, let us help you with it.